The Band

The JiggawattsChris and his sons, Dan and Matt have played together since the boys first learned to play music. Whilst generally only playing in the comfort of their own home, they decided to play a couple of songs at a local Cabaret Night. Keith was in the audience that night and decided to join them on stage for a song, and so the band began. Originally known as Laphroaig, the band played a number of gigs for fundraising events over the next couple of years. Later, Ashley joined the band, bringing with him his unique mix of enthusiasm and talent and allowing Keith to return to focus on his guitar. Following Ashley’s arrival, the band name became The Jiggawatts, and they now perform at a range of public and private functions.

Meet The Jiggawatts

AshAs front man for the band, Ashley loves to sing but you’ll occasionally find him holding a guitar too. Away from the band, you’ll usually find him riding or working on his motorbike.

ChrisChris’ musical interests started when he began playing the piano at the age of 5. He still plays occasionally but guitar has been his passion since he started playing at the age of 9. You’ll find Chris playing a Gibson SG Standard or an Epiphone G-1275 Doubleneck – both attached to a wide range of effects pedals.

DanWith Chris as a father, it was inevitable that Dan would develop a keen interest in music and sure enough, Dan has grown up playing the guitar. Mostly playing an electric bass, you’ll also hear Dan playing both 4 and 6 string acoustic guitars.

KeithKeith started playing when he was 9 years old, and played in a church group on each Sunday. He was classically trained, until he left school, then discovered Rock and Roll! Keith currently plays either a Gibson Les Paul US Custom or a Schecter Hellraiser.

MattMatt  is the noisy member of The Jiggawatts (and that’s saying something!). After one gig, a fellow musician commented that Matt “could get more noises out of one drum than most people can from a full kit!”. On a rare occasion, Matt will come out from behind his kit and pick up a ukulele!